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Facemasks FAQ

What are Facemasks?
A facemask is a single unit piece of metal framework that connects from the forehead to the chin, with a cross piece that attaches to a piece inside the mouth. The forehead and chin pieces are adjustable, allowing for better placement.

What is the Purpose of a Facemask?
The purpose of facemasks are to treat a “Class III malocclusion”, better known as an underbite. It is typically worn for around 12 hours a day for about six to 18 months. While it doesn’t need to be worn all day, it should be worn as often as possible to maximize results.

Will Wearing Facemasks Hurt?
You may experience some soreness or tenderness of the upper teeth and jaw, as everything shifts. This feeling should subside after a week or so. However, the feeling may persist if you are inconsistent with wearing your facemask enough. Under no circumstance should you wear your facemask while playing contact sports!

Can I Clean the Facemask?
Yes, and you should. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or a disinfection wipes or pad. The pads on the forehead and chin should also be replaced, as they lose their form from being worn.

Will the Facemask Straighten my Teeth?
The sole purpose of the facemask is to normalize the jaw so that the upper and lower portions are even, it will not straighten your teeth. After wearing the facemask long enough to straighten the jaw, following up with braces would be the best course or action for straight teeth.

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